Master Chart: Big Credit Card Bonuses That Change


Most of you will probably end up with all of these cards at some point, so you might as well make sure you’re coming out with the most amount of miles and points possible from your applications.

While this kind of information isn’t necessarily a guarantee, I figured the best way to strategize applications is to familiarize yourself with patterns we’ve seen in the past- particularly, what’s the highest bonus you could have for a particular card, and how frequently does this high bonus tend to come around?

I’m hoping this chart of how big bonuses have fluctuated may be a good start.

The third column shows the highest bonuses for a card and the fourth column indicates when we’ve last seen those bonuses.

You can also edit this chart if you see info that needs changing. Click here to edit.

Why not sign up for the Lufthansa card when it’s 50,000 miles instead of 25,000 miles, because that’s a spike we see all the time. Also, when the Ink Plus is 60,000 (like it is now) or 70,000, that’s obviously your best time to apply! Like I said, this information isn’t a guarantee. But it can’t hurt to look at what we’ve seen in the past!

6 Comments on “Master Chart: Big Credit Card Bonuses That Change

  1. Great chart! Thanks.

    The amex bus plat was 150k with 20k spend in 3 month.

  2. Nice one. Reminds me of the spreadsheet I created to help keep track of my cards and applications. At the risk of sounding ungrateful, could I suggest organizing the cards in some fashion at some point? I know I’d find it easier to either scan through hotel cards or Chase cards in a certain section.

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Such an incredibly helpful post. I searched in vain for hours and hours a couple of months ago, googling every imaginable combination of keywords and scouring a dozen leading miles and points travel blogs trying to find out this information before my wife and I did our first round of apps. Found only bits and pieces of this info. This post is a wonderful help for all of us!

  4. Thank you for your incredibly valuable info! I applied for both Chase Ink and United Explorer on the same day, but was turned down by both. I’m really surprised because I have good credit (score 670) and was approved for both Chase Sappire, Citibusiness, Alaska, etc. before. Is it possible to apply for these cards again? How long should I wait before re-applying? Can u shed any light on to why my appls were not approved? Thanks

    • Well, for the Chase card, I’d say even though you have a good credit score, Chase only gives out a certain amount of credit based on your credit score, and the Chase Ink requires approval of at least a $5,000 credit limit. (That’s the minimum credit limit they’ll give for that card, as far as I know.) So even though your credit score is good, it may not be quite strong enough for them to approve that amount of additional credit. You could call the reconsideration line and ask them to move credit from another card though.

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