June & July totals

june and july totals

A little more than a year ago our lease was drawing to an end in a cute little town house in Charlottesville, VA. We knew we couldn’t continue paying the rather steep rent so we had two options. Find a cheaper place was the obvious plan A. But…plan B was a bit riskier. We believed that since my income was just about enough to cover our rent, we would be in the same financial position as a nomadic couple with no stationary jobs, but also no stationary house to pay rent on. We could travel on just Drew’s income if there was no rent to pay. So we made a goal.

From July 31 2013 to July 31 2014, could we spend the whole year living nomadically on no more than 20,000?

Well…that year is up. There were some unplanned things (of course…because we don’t make plans). For instance we invited Drew’s mom to travel with us in the end of October/beginning of November so we were paying for accommodations for 3 instead of two. And we took an opportunity to follow a mistake fare back to Europe with our friends.

But that’s a little bit irrelevant. We should budget for that.

So, how did we do?

Our total expenses came to $24,128.50, $4,128.50 more than our goal.  In some ways I feel proud that we proved that a couple can spend a year traveling for no more than $24,128.50.  That’s really not bad if we’re looking at it outside of our original goal.  Not to mention that we saw  21 foreign countries throughout 4 continents and stayed at mostly 4 and 5 star accommodations throughout that year.

In other ways though, I feel a little disappointed. 🙁  We didn’t attain our goal.  At one time, I know that we could have.  We used to be the masters of frugality because we embraced the most rustic solutions to our needs.  But now that we work on the road, we need internet.  And we need to make sure our things aren’t stolen or we’re out of luck.  No computer, no income.  So we need to avoid some of the crazier tactics we may have used back in the day.  Like living out of a cheap rental car.  Or sleeping on the beach.  That’s a little disheartening to realize that there are now limitations to how extremely we can dedicate ourselves to the most frugal choices.

But we are going to keep trying.  We are going to give ourselves a chance to continue calculating and measure expenses within the calendar year of 2014.  January 1 to January 1.  I have a feeling this will be an on going experiment.  We might have to keep trying.  But as we keep trying, we’ll refine our strategies, and then we’ll share the lessons we’ve learned with you.

So now, with no further ado… a few stats from June & July…and the whole year.

June Total$1,130.49
Tourist Attraction Total$0
Food & Beverage Total$118.80
Land Transit Total$196.03
Air Transit Total$357.21
Accommodation total$272.59
July Total$1,633.03
Tourist Attraction Total$22
Food & Beverage Total$837.58
Land Transit Total$596.17
Air Transit Total$018,000 Avios
135,000 AA miles
Accommodation total$126

Countries visited from July 31, 2013 to July 31, 2014 (in order):

  1. Germany
  2. Greece
  3. Romania
  4. Hungary
  5. Germany
  6. Austria
  7. Uk raine
  8. Lithuania
  9. Poland
  10. United Kingdom (Scotland and England)
  11. France
  12. South Africa
  13. Mexico
  14. Italy
  15. Switzerland
  16. HongKong
  17. Indonesia
  18. Malaysia
  19. Singapore
  20. India
  21. Thailand


Well…not sure what the remainder of 2014 has in store.  Hopefully a visit to Ukraine to help my sister with her adoption.

Wish us luck everyone and thanks for following along!

4 Comments on “June & July totals

  1. sweet -im like you guys as I travel full-time 23 years of my life -offen wanted to write a blog (have 200+ artical’s) just never did it
    im a numbers guy and just love your post with costs and hope to met you both somewhere on the road or event -your not coming to nyc tomorrow are you?

    • Yay for full-time travel! I’m sure you’d have loads of fascinating things to post about after 23 years of full-time travel!
      We go through NYC quite often but won’t be there anytime soon that we know of. Perhaps we’ll see you on the road somewhere though!

  2. I just found this site while searching for a sale schedule for southwest. If i could travel full time i would. But we have a new baby lol so i will just dream for now. But i have a question. What about money for insurance and medical expenses. Do you guys go to the doctor? Also, how healthy r u able to eat? I have found that it is more expensive than eating whatever. Do share!

    • Since I’m from Amish Country Ohio, (where lots of people may not necessarily have health insurance), there are good self-pay options in the area so I have a doctor with a good self-pay option.
      We’ll probably figure out a different set-up for health insurance this year though…

      As far as eating healthy, we usually do pretty well. We’re semi vegetarian so we already have to be somewhat intentional about where or what we eat. Also depending on where are travels are taking us, sometimes the healthy food IS cheaper (like in Europe or Asia).

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