IHG Big Win is coming back


This past few months Drew and I have been chasing after an IHG promotion that we expect will help us out a lot in the next few months.  (Thanks to PointBreaks we love IHG Rewards points.) In fact, tonight I make the last stay of my promotion, earning me 100,000 IHG Rewards points for making only a handful of stays.

The promotion is back, starting January 1st but you can register now at the link provided.

But first, what is the IHG Big Win?

Every account is offered a different set of challenges, each rewarding a certain amount of points and which, once entirely completed, will give a match of that amount of points.  So in Drew’s case, he earned 53,000 points from the challenges themselves and then another 53,000 points as a bonus for finishing all challenges- a total of 106,000 points once all is said and done.

The key to this I think is achieving all your challenges in as few stays as possible.

For instance, my new Big Win challenge is, I think, identical to Drew’s last one and will earn me 106,000 total after completing 7 challenges which can be done in 5 stays.

I think this round I was offered every kind of challenge they have.  Someone chime in if there’s a challenge they didn’t give me.

Here are the different challenges you might see:

1.) Nights -a challenge to stay x number of nights total at IHG hotels.

2.) Brands -a challenge to stay at x number of different IHG brands.  This could be InterContinentals, Crowne Plazas, Holiday Inns, StayBridge Suites, Candlewood Suites, etc.

3.) Booking -a “challenge” to book x number of stays via IHG’s website.  (This one seems goofy because…how else are people booking stays?  Walk in?  Phone?  Do people still do that?  And an Expedia or Travelocity stay already won’t be counting towards your Big Win completions.)

4.) Survey -a challenge to do an online survey.

5.) InterContinentals -a challenge to stay x nights at the InterContinental brand.

6.) Cities -a challenge to make IHG stays at x of the listed cities/locations.  I’m suspicious these cities are chosen based on where you live…or where you say you live… but many have gotten seemingly random cities.  Drew got offered things like San Francisco, New York City, etc.  I got a bunch of random cities in China….

and this is my favorite…

6.) views.dashboard.offer.q.title -a challenge to…learn code?


Anyway, as you can see these are easily able to be consolidated and, as it appears I’ll be needing to head to China, I can complete my stays pretty cheaply.  I’m sure you can too, even without going to China ;).

If you’re already making stays anyway, this is a promotion that takes a little bit of planning and organization but otherwise does not have to cost a whole lot.  Surely many of your nights/challenges can be met for less than $100.

To make it more lucrative be sure to read Drew’s post on earning IHG points on steroids.


3 Comments on “IHG Big Win is coming back

  1. One of my challenges is book a rate that includes breakfast. I earned 156,000 points last time but I am not sure I will be doing anything but the survey this time.

    • Ya it does take enough effort that I’m not sure we’ll go for round two either. Besides, I still have not figured out what that improperly coded challenge is…

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