February Totals

february totals

This month sort of marks the end of a chapter. You see, Drew and I have been waiting to get to the (cheap) beautiful Asia for quite some time.  But when our lease was up in July and we set out to pick our travels back up where we’d left off, Drew had never yet been to Europe.  Also, there were good prices for flights to Zakynthos, and as soon as we did a google image search, we were hooked.  Not to mention a mistake fare in Germany that made the idea of a start in Europe appealing.

Then, a mistake fare came up for flights to Milan and seeing as we missed out on seeing Italy during all our Europe time, we got some friends involved and planned a trip.

It was awesome.  And expensive.

Why?  Because when you only have two weeks to see Italy, renting a car is the easiest way to do it.  And, when you’re with friends, you want to live it up a little more.  We ate good food, we saw great sites.  We had a wonderful, though yes expensive time.

February Total$3,071.89
Tourist Attraction Total$43.40
Food & Beverage Total$924.67
Land Transit Total$888.64
Air Transit Total$527.147,920 Rapid Rewards
Accommodation total$493.04170,000 IHG Points
20,000 Hilton Points
20,000 SPG Points

We’ve had some amazing experiences. And now it’s time to do some calculating and see what our new budget is for the last 5 months of this year-long experiment.

We’ve spent $14,534.58 on travel-expenses since July 31st.

This means we can only spend $5,465.42 in the remaining 5 months if we are to stay within our goal of $20,000 for the year.

That means our monthly budget is now at $1,093.08

With 153 days in March-July, that means we have a daily budget of $35.72.


Can we do it?  I would be freaking out if we weren’t about to go to Asia, but thanks to Asia’s prices, I think we can.


Ok…photos of the month!








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