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Top Air Fare Deals This Week

These are not mistake fares but just regular deals. That doesn’t mean that they won’t go quick though.

In addition to highlighting them here, I’ll mention if they are miles earning. Also note that all of these flights (except for the last one) are for roundtrip tickets. Click to keep reading…

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20% EuroRail vs. Discount Airlines

I don’t know about you, but Drew and I have 3 mistake-fares coming up, all taking us to or through Europe. Somewhat accidentally, we are going to be spending the holidays in Europe. Family time still wins out as my favorite way to celebrate holidays but Vienna’s Christmas markets will be a good plan B I think.

Perhaps some of you caught the mistake-fare too.
Well, let’s pretend for a moment that you didn’t want to use miles for your intra-Europe travels. (For instance, if you need to close the gap created by a Milan to Prague open-jaw…just to pick a “random” example.) Click to keep reading…


Using miles to get to 2 epic South American Islands- miles to Easter Island and miles to Galapagos

Travel, for me, is about the sense of adventure in seeing something novel. So naturally, the most out of reach, out of touch, obscure places are going to be the most interesting to me. Like islands in the middle of nowhere.

The Pacific islands can be more accessible with miles than one might think. Fiji, Rarotonga, Guam, Saipan- these are all places we’ve seen and all accessible with miles. For some reason places like that are covered.

But what about the incredibly unique islands off of South America? There are two in particular I’ve got in mind, and perhaps you can guess. Click to keep reading…

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Free $14 Hotels?

I’m not sure if anyone is tempted by $14 hotels here, but it seemed worthy of at least sharing.

If you signup for TopCashBack and find you’ll see that you get $14 per booking.

TopCashBack is a cash rebate site. Most of the time they give a percent of the room you booked, or whatever it is you bought, in cashback. It generally takes a while to post, like a month or so, but you should get the $14 for any booking on Click to keep reading…