Amtrak Card disappeared!?

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Reader Ramzi tipped me off to the fact that the Amtrak card was missing. Recently I had posted on that there was an 18,000 point card with a companion pass and I assumed he was just talking about that. Seeing as I’ve been talking about the Amtrak card a lot as you can transfer 1:3 from Chase to Choice via Amtrak. Plus, there are some amazing best uses of Amtrak points.

But as it turns out, he couldn’t find either the 18k point card, or the old 12k offer. What’s the deal?
I first site searched for anything about Amtrak and found no credit card.
Then I went to and site searched for “credit card”. The one page formerly promoting the credit card redirected to an “expired deals” page.
My first thought is, “this is not good”, although it could be one of two things. One option is that Chase is upping the offer, or greatly changing the offer in some way and wants to take down all marketing material so it’s not confused. The other option is that the card is ending.
Obviously I hope the better option is coming because I still need to get the card! I applied and got my first Chase hard denial. *sigh* But it is possible as they have had a long standing 25,000 point offer. It’s just confusing that the card isn’t even found on Chase or Amtrak and there’s been no word for a couple days now. When do I worry?

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  1. Wow, I’d be really surprised if they were completely getting rid of the amtrak card. More likely there are some changes in the works. Fingers crossed that it’s good news.
    On a tangentially related note, I just noticed that target is paying 4pts/$ through the amtrak portal. Seems like a good payout.

  2. Amtrak zombie links found; should you hop on?
    March 10, 2015 by FrequentMiler

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