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Hello everyone! Many of you may remember how Drew and I joined my older sister Rachel and her husband Zack as they traveled to Ukraine to bring home their adopted daughter Gianna.  (Which was easily the most meaningful travel experience of my life.)  And many of you pitched in and helped make that adoption a reality by donating to the cause. It blew us away and we’re so grateful!

Some of you have asked how the adoption went and, for a number of reasons, I thought this would be a good time to offer an update.

Gianna is blossoming as she becomes more and more settled into her home and family. She loves caring for plants and animals. If she notices a wilting plant, she’ll pause to gently pet it. That’s something I noticed about her at the orphanage in Ukraine two years ago and she still maintains the habit now. She helps her parents feed the chickens, and wears princess dresses made by her mom and grandma. She likes to draw princesses with those big Disney-style eyes.

Over our visits home to the idyllic Ohio countryside, we’ve watched Gianna grow from a timid little girl who preferred time to herself, into a vibrant member of the family, playing with her brothers and finding comfort and safety in her parents. It’s a beautiful thing. I think these pictures capture her transformation in a really special way, the first taken in that little Holiday Inn in Kiev a few days before she flew home and the last taken this summer, just a month or so ago.




Can’t you just see the “family-ness” growing from picture to picture?

All is well. 🙂  And now there’s more big news to share…

Rachel and Zack are ready to adopt their next daughter, this time from India!  And to add to this exciting news, Rachel just found out that is matching any donations she receives up to $3,000.  If she’s able to reach her $3,000 goal, the matching grant will give them enough money to completely cover the remainder of what they need for this next adoption.  For anyone compelled to donate, you can find her LifeSongOrphans page here.

This little girl’s name is Abha. My sister is not allowed to share pictures yet, but I can assure you she is a tiny little sweet heart and we adore her already. 🙂

Thank you to all of you who have shown interest and support for my sister’s adoptions. You’re all the best!



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  1. So wonderful! My wife and I are actually heading down to Costa Rica next month to adopt 3 beautiful kids, two boys and one girl, all siblings. Blessings to your sister!

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