Top Air Fare Deals This Week

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These are not mistake fares but just regular deals. That doesn’t mean that they won’t go quick though.

In addition to highlighting them here, I’ll mention if they are miles earning.  Also note that all of these flights (except for the last one) are for roundtrip tickets.

New York – Israel = $352

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Example: Mar 6 – Mar 11

Transaero Airlines is bankrupt and in such debt that it is in danger of shutting down soon. Being the second biggest airline in Russia, it is asking the government and lenders for more hand outs. Thus, many flights via Russia are super cheap.

New York – Moscow = $396

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Example: Feb 2 – Mar 3


Seattle  – Hong Kong (AC) = $456

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.15.29 PMExample: Feb 18 – Mar 11

On Air Canada, a member of Star Alliance. So a good opportunity to earn miles with another Star Alliance partner or AC itself.


Boston – Azores = $309

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Example: Feb 3 – Feb 6

It is actually pretty common for flights from SATA to have cheap flights from Boston to the Canary Islands. Not a miles earning opportunity but certainly a cool trip. But what’s also interesting is that I’ve been noticing $50 roundtrip flights to/from the Canary Islands on RyanAir to/from Europe.


Orland – Copenhagen = $479

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.27.42 PMExample: Sep 7 – Sep 14

Norwegian commonly has super cheap discount fares.


Toronto – Singapore (UA) = $591

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.34.46 PMExample: Mar 4 – Mar 11

United has been having incredible fares to Asia, and this is a great example. The best part here is the Star Alliance miles earning ability. 😀


US – Europe (WOW) = Oneways for $149+

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This has been mentioned a lot but still worth noting that there are still plenty of cheap routes to Europe on new discount airliner WOW. Also not miles earning, but the annoying thing is generally that oneway is cheaper than the return. (This is the one oneway example on this list.) However, it might be worth the little extra to not use the miles given that the airport taxes leaving Europe can be very high.


5 Comments on “Top Air Fare Deals This Week

  1. We flew BOS-PDL last month. It was a very interesting trip;-)

    Be aware that the cheap fare on SATA doesn’t include ANY baggage, only an in cabin bag that can be a maximum of 8kg. The way we bought our tix, was for one of us to buy the most expensive coach fare, in this instance $399, and the other buy the cheapest coach ticket, which in this instance was $179. The most expensive coach fare gives you two checked bags.

    So, the plane is ancient on this route, it’s an A310, it clearly is air worthy or the FAA wouldn’t let them fly to/from the US. But, if it had been more than a five hour flight (that at most on our flight was thankfully maybe half full), it would have been not such a great experience. But it gets better, we didn’t land in PDL, but had a “go around” and instead had to fly to LIS (two +hrs more flying time), get off, get the most interesting explanation I’ve ever heard for why we couldn’t land at PDL: too much fuel, the plane’s velocity indicator wasn’t working properly and it was too windy. The 90 passengers were herded through LIS to a coffee shop and we got to order the 3.90 euro pastry, coffee and juice (but nothing else). We then got back on the same plane we’d flown from BOS with a new crew and arrived in PDL 6 hours late. The flight attendants on our first leg told us that “this happens a lot”, when we inquired about the “go round”.

    Moral here, buyer beware.

    The Azores are quite wild and beautiful BTW.

      • Well, given the performance of the airline overall, I seriously wonder if they would actually cough up the compensation. I hear many EU airlines choose to ignore the law. I am still giving thought to submitting a claim though.

    • Oh my goodness! I have never heard anything like that. Glad you made it there though and good to know that this go-around “happens a lot!” Wow

  2. On the SATA flight, you said Canary Islands, but mean Azores, as SGFM reports (interesting read).

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