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Forgive me, but this post has nothing to do with travel, and is probably too personal for a travel blog, but I have never been one for under-sharing.

Have you ever witnessed someone becoming amazing at something?  Where you can remember the first moments when the spark of something extra-ordinary appeared?

A little back-story: 

From a very young age my sisters and I were always singing together, picking songs from the old blue Mennonite hymnal to learn together. It was a hobby we shared and we thought of singing as “our thing” in a way.

And then something changed.

My twin sister Annie started writing songs. Suddenly we weren’t singing hundred year old, slow-as-molasses Mennonite hymns together anymore and she was building a whole collection of her own original songs.  Singing was becoming her thing more than it ever was “our thing”. Less like a hobby and more like a necessity or an obsession.

As a twin this was kind of weird for me.  We shared a car. We shared our friends. We shared our class schedule. What was this new thing that was happening outside of our parallel existence?

That’s phase one of watching someone become amazing at something. The thing that turns your head before it makes your jaw drop.

On the day of our University’s talent show, she decided last minute that she wanted to participate. A few hours before the show, she started writing a song and it was a given that I would perform with her- singing whatever harmonies she composed.  And because I spent the few hours before the show in the rehearsal room with her, learning the parts as she wrote them, it felt a little bit like it was my song too, and I felt this immense gratitude for the chance to be part of this snowballing talent she was developing.

She won first place that night for a song she’d written hours before.

In my eyes, she was turning into one of those crazy geniuses who always has some sort of masterpiece they’re arranging in the background of all other thoughts.  And I felt tremendously excited that I had a role in it, even if there were moments that I just couldn’t keep up.  Couldn’t hit the interval jumps, or couldn’t hold out the notes.

“Carrie, sing this real quick…”

I cannot tell you how many little experimental melodies she had me sing as she layered harmonies on top. It did not matter if we were in the middle of a crowded public place, if Annie had an idea for a song, she just had to experiment with it.

But she didn’t need to clone me- she needed to clone herself. I couldn’t do the crazy vocal gymnastics she was inventing. Only she could do that.

So I became her number one fan. I knew all of her songs and was always seated in the front row.

When we started traveling, that was one of the things I missed so much.



All this to say that you’ll never find a twin more proud of their twin than me on this day.

Today Annie released her very first album, an inevitability if you ask me since I see her as superwoman, but I know it was a lot of hard work, even for someone as talented as her.

My favorite on the album is this:

For all other songs, check out her website: Pay special attention to the song “Caroline”. 🙂 It’s the song she played as we walked down the aisle on our wedding day. 🙂


Thanks for letting me gush about my twin. It’s what twins do.


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  1. Thanks for sharing Carrie. Drew writes that you are the nicest person he knows, and from your writings, I agree. Your sister is gifted. I hope she finds a wide following, and is rewarded for her efforts. I really missed you guys when you were blog-quiet. May your business ideas and energies benefit you and the world. Blessings to you.

    • Wow thank you so much for such a kind comment, and for your well-wishes both for my sister and for our business!

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