October Expense Totals

October Totals

Each month I write a report of sorts, to show a bit of the bigger picture.  For a more detailed list of each spend, go to the stats page or click here.  Also, for a comparative chart of the past months’ expenses, visit the How to be a Nomad Introduction post.

There’s not too much to speculate about this month.  We were due for family visits and when we visit family and friends, it obviously helps us keep our budget down.

For instance Drew’s sister just had a baby so we visited our brand new niece!  And his parents are moving so we spent some time with them during that time.

Another thing I should disclaimer is that for the last week of October, our friends hosted us at their company’s resort condo.  This meant free housing for us, but it also meant only expensive places to eat.  We made it work well I think, buying groceries to take advantage of the condo’s kitchen and otherwise eating just one meal out a day.  But if any of you are thinking “wow, I KNOW food is cheaper than that in Mexico,” there is my disclaimer.

But seriously…look at this veggie burger.


But as we’re looking at how the budget is shaping up for the 2014 year, it seems that we’ll need to keep the budget around $1,500 for each of the remaining two months in order to reach our goal of a year of travel for $20,000 or less.

I think we can do it…if we’re very intentional.

But here are some things I’ll avoid:

1.) renting a car
2.) sit-down restaurants

Honestly I think if we avoid those two things, we’ll be fine!

Here are our expenses for the month of October, spanning just 2 countries, United States, and Mexico.

October Total$1,206.43
Tourist Attraction Total$0
Food & Beverage Total$538.96
Land Transit Total$180.68
Air Transit Total$27.20
Accommodation total$374.39

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  1. As I’m sitting here in Wisconsin reading this with snow on the ground and spending quite a bit more for basic living expenses this is really making me want to go follow in your footsteps…

    • 🙂 It’s not all glamour and sunshine, but we do love it. (Besides, I hear that Wisconsin in the winter is also not all glamour and sunshine).

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