November Expense Totals


Each month I write a report of sorts, to show a bit of the bigger picture.  For a more detailed list of each spend, go to the stats page or click here.

Yikes.  November was expensive, but we knew it would be.  I’m going to give you my excuses again.

Fistly, we covered expenses for 3 people for half the month and, secondly, the goal was to give Drew’s mom the genealogical exploration she’d been wanting, so we made car-rental spends that are out of the norm for us.  But this was Mary Ann’s first trip overseas, and she doesn’t get the opportunity to travel often, so we tried to make it special.

Thirdly, Mary Ann’s genealogy happens to center around the UK.  Europe is expensive…but London in particular may be the peak of that latter.

Fourthly, we took advantage of Jenny’s wedding by booking some paid nights for ourselves and Drew’s brother to try to make our Big Win.

Here are some totals for the month of November spanning 5 countries, wrapping up our Europe time and getting us back to the States in time for Drew’s little sister’s wedding!  Countries visited included  United KingdomFrance, Austria, Germany,  and The United States.


November Total$2,709.32
Tourist Attraction Total$32.46
Food & Beverage Total$413.55
Land Transit Total$704.66
Air Transit Total$44213,500 Avios
40,000 AA miles
Accommodation total$819.63150,000 IHG
1 IHG BOGO cert
1 $50 coupon from cheaptickets
1 IHG Cert

Photos of the month:

Entering the Louvre.  Paris, France



A break in the rain at Saint Denis Cathedral.  Denis, France.



From the Abbey. Salzburg, Austria.




Hallstatt, Austria.





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