March 2015 Expense Totals

march totals

Drew and I live off of miles and points. And for the sake of data, we track everything we spend. Each month I write a report of sorts, to show how much money, miles and points we’ve spent for our nomadic travel lifestyle.  The idea is to show that we can spend the same amount or even less on a nomadic lifestyle as we could for a stationary life, thanks to the strategy of miles and points.

For a more detailed list of each spend, go to the stats page or click here. 

Looking at this total, it’s definitely higher than I wanted but we had to tackle that hefty Chinese visa fee someday. $520 is waaayyy more than we’re used to spending for visas though and I knew it was going to screw up my monthly budget goals. Not to mention we’re usually able to transit through somewhere with a consulate so we can take care of the visa process in person and cut out third party fees.

This was actually the first time we’ve needed to use a passport/visa service. And as pleasant and competent as everyone at this facility is, I have to admit I much prefer just doing that all myself in person. Same goes for passport services.

Anyway, take a look at this month’s expenses and see what you think.

And actually, if anyone is interested in doing so, compare it to your own expenses and see if my predictions are right:

1.) I predict your food budget will be much much lower.

2.) I predict your land-transit (gas/vehicle) expenses will be much higher.

3.) I predict our housing/accommodation budget will be lower than many of you who are renting in urban areas, and higher than some of you who rent in more rural areas.

If any of you are interested in making comparisons to your own budget, I think this could get interesting.

March Total$2,704.83
Tourist Attraction Total$520
Food & Beverage Total$776.56
Land Transit Total$149.50
Air Transit Total$11.201,693 Southwest points
Accommodation total$817.23323,000 Club Carlson points
Credit Card we focused on for the majority of our spending:Ink Bold and Amex Blue
Credit Cards applied for this month:

4 Comments on “March 2015 Expense Totals

    • True. That’s just too short of a visit for such a long flight in my opinion!

      • Wonder if you can do multiple 72-hour free stays. If so, I think you could structure it in a way to avoid a visa. Would require a lot more flying though. Ex. Fly to Beijing, <72 hours later fly to Hong Kong, fly to Shanghai, <72 hours later fly to (insert non-mainland-China city here), etc, etc. Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan are on separate immigration schemes from mainland China, and they're visa-free (as are some other nearby countries like Japan, S Korea, Mongolia).

        • That’s an interesting idea… I will have to research if there are any restrictions for that! I’m sure this 10 year multi-entry visa will come in handy over the years though.

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