InterContinental Berchtesgaden- Rain or Shine?


Drew and I have been wanting to go to the InterContinental Berchtesgaden for a little while now.  It was a bucket-list kind of hotel and InterContinental’s only mountain resort (until Davos opens up this winter).  When Drew tried to book it for the dates we wanted though…sold out.  No room at the InterContinental Berchtesgaden…until the following week.  We’re flexible folks.  We’re used to basing our travel plans around this or that availability but the problem was the week that showed availability was also a week that was calling for rain- 100% chance of rain on most of the days we’d be there.


Well we booked it anyway and discovered that a rainy Berchtesgaden is still a wonderful Berchtesgaden, for at least one night.  We had envisioned our IC Berchtesgaden visit as a multi-night vacation in which we cold explore the many hiking trails in the area and even hike all the way up to the Eagle’s Nest.  When we finally admitted to ourselves that the weather offered nothing but rain, we changed our plans (as we seem to constantly do) and opted for a one night sample of the InterContinental Berchtesgaden with as much hiking as we could cram in before the rains came.

Over all, a success though it wouldn’t have been worth 35,000 points a night in rainy weather, even with an awesome room complete with a fireplace and mountain view.  35,000 points can translate to 7 nights on PointBreaks…so…it just felt like an expensive way to stay warm from the rain.  Glad we caught one night though and this one night was enough to seal the IC Berchtesgaden as my all-time favorite InterContinental.

So we checked out of the IC Berchtesgaden a day after checking in and hitch-hiked to Innsbruck, crossing our fingers that no one from the IC staff would drive by us and see our thumbs out.



The things to love about the IC Berchtesgaden, despite the rain?

-The staff.  Can’t say this enough the staff is absolutely incredible.

-The view.  Yes even with clouds sweeping over the peaks, it’s still a great view.  Not that it’s much to look at, but we could see the Eagle’s Nest from our window.

-A nice mix of remote and accessible.  The hotel is located up on a hill above town, right where you want to be if you’re interested in hiking and that “away from it all” feeling.  But it’s also east to get to town as the IC gives each guest a little white card that serves as a free bus pas essentially for the bus to downtown Berchtesgaden.  No, there’s not a whole lot in the little town, but if you want to save a few Euros by eating off of the IC grounds, it’s a nice way to get to town.  Don’t get your hopes too high though: the food in town is only slightly cheaper.

-Style.  The property has a beautiful style inside and out.  It’s a fairly new hotel (about 8 or 9 years?) and has a classy style that melds a modern feel with a cozy-lodge feel.  A fireplace in a seating area on the lobby floor and a library make it feel like home….a very classy home…


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