Free $14 Hotels?

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I’m not sure if anyone is tempted by $14 hotels here, but it seemed worthy of at least sharing.

If you signup for TopCashBack and find you’ll see that you get $14 per booking.

TopCashBack is a cash rebate site. Most of the time they give a percent of the room you booked, or whatever it is you bought, in cashback. It generally takes a while to post, like a month or so, but you should get the $14 for any booking on

This means that you could essentially book a hotel for $14 a night and then get $14 back. And if you find a hotel for $14/night that you want to book for more than one night, it seems like one could just go back through the portal and book consecutive nights.

The goal is to book separate $14 stays, through the TCB portal and therefore, get the $14 back later via the TCB portal. Therefore you’d book multiple night stays separately and therefore all nights would be free.

$14 for a hotel room? Is that realistic?

In SE Asia, especially Thailand, there are actually really decent places for super cheap. It won’t have all the amenities but it doesn’t have to be a dump. We’ve stayed in rooms for under $5… but perhaps those were dumps. Anyways…

HT to extremehoteldeals for sharing, and they also note that it must be booked on’s US site.

8 Comments on “Free $14 Hotels?

  1. Do u have a referral link for topcashback? I want to sign up from your link if u have one.

    • I believe that is our referral link. I do appreciate the thought, but I really wouldn’t worry about it.

  2. Wishing I could be in Thailand right now, I decided to browse around and found many decent-looking rooms that were under $14. This could be a money maker if you’re in a position to use it :-). Definitely a good strategy while it lasts.

    • Too bad you actually have to check in. Maybe there’s a $5 hotel near us. 😉
      This can’t last long.

  3. Wow. Nearly missed this gem, thank you Drew & Carrie. (must keep checking here too 😉 )

  4. Got my 1st cash back from some hostels and guesthouses I stayed in in Tbilisi…as well as some booked for next year that required 1st nite prepayment. Wish I could decide more specifically my schedule for next yr!

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