Freakin flyer problems #2

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Have you noticed that five star hotels seem to be ascribing to this new fad of windows to the bathroom?  Some of these bathrooms have blinds or nifty glass-frosting features on the click of a button, but lately we keep encountering suites (yes….rooms meant for multiple guests) with windows that look into the bathroom and have no apparent way of being obstructed…  This has become a pet peeve of mine and spurred another “Freakin Flyer Problems” series of memes…


And the pointbreaks list has everyone thinking…


Now our RA status is about to expire, I’ll have to come up with a new budget meal policy.


Never again.  But yes, I have tried the dreaded fruit.


We all have those friends that think we’re all defying gravity or something…


And, a parting note…



Readers!  We will still be accepting donations for my sister’s adoption until the day the kids come home!  If you want to learn more about the adoption I’m referring to, Drew and I conducted an “interview” to answer some questions here.

We’re so grateful for the donations we’ve already received, but there’s still a long way to go!


6 Comments on “Freakin flyer problems #2

  1. Durian isn’t too bad, in my opinion at least, if you can get past the smell. It’s also useful for chopping up and leaving outside of your friends’ front doors on hot afternoons 😉

  2. First time I’ve seen these memes used correctly on a blog. Awesome!

  3. Love the way you and Drew used memes in your blog entries today. So funny! Hope it wasn’t too time consuming. Are y’all dropping RA status?

    • We only have a few months of RA status left and there’s no way we’re going to re-qualify lol.
      Glad you liked the memes!
      Actually it’s really not that time consuming because it’s sort of something to work on when you need a break so it’s like…non-work work…. 🙂

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