(Crowd Sourced) Chart of Which Credit Cards Can Be Churned


Credit Card Churning: When you apply for the same credit card, just for the bonus, over and over again.


Here’s how I hope this will work.

1) Comment in this post below with your experiences. This way people can see comments about recent experiences with cards.

2) Then I’ll take the information from the comments and continue to fill out the sheet.

OR 3) Fill in the spreadsheet yourself. Right now the spreadsheet is open for anyone to edit, so we encourage you to fill it out. If you do edit something based on your experience, try to also leave a comment here in the post.

Note about editing: Just because you got it 18 months after applying doesn’t mean that someone didn’t get a card 12 months after applying. Add a comment, even add a note. But if there are two differing experiences we’ll try to collect more data points.

I’ll post some notes and “rules-of-thumb” for each bank below as we go.

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The quick summary:

I’ll also keep up a list of guidelines for when you can get credit card bonuses again…



Chase tends to have two written policies. 24 months after applying, and 24 months after canceling. However, a few partner cards like United are 24 months after canceling.


American Express

With American Express personal cards you can only have the bonus once.

Amex Business cards can get bonuses again.



Citi varies. Some cards don’t give the bonus if you’ve had a card within 18 months, and some if you’ve applied within 18 months, and other cards, like the Executive card, allow you to get it as often as you want.

There is a piece of advice out there about not being able to get two cards in one day, but I personally have gotten two Citi cards in one day. I did not call reconsideration, I just eventually got the card after a long time of “pending”.


Bank of America

As soon as you get a card, get another. 😀 They do not care. FrequentMiler got 4 Virgin Atlantic cards in one day, had to call for about 3.

They seem to only want to give so many cards, so canceling before applying will increase your chances. But most want to keep their cards open as long as possible for credit report reasons.



My experience has been that Barclay will give you multiple accounts if you close your other account first.


US Bank

I’m told they are churnable, but I haven’t personally tried with US Bank.


Post your churning experience below:

24 Comments on “(Crowd Sourced) Chart of Which Credit Cards Can Be Churned

  1. Thanks for undertaking such an enormous task. Sadly, outside of a few Alaska and basic Hilton cards gotten with 3-4 months spacing, I haven’t actually gone down the multiples road yet.

  2. Like everyone else, I noticed that you built Drew a new site. It looks really nice. Is there any chance of getting a search field like yours has?

    • We’ve actually had the addition of a sidebar with the search bar on the agenda for the last few weeks and just kept coming across styling issues. We’ve finally set it up so now you’ll see the search bar there! Thanks for your patience and I hope it helps!

  3. I don’t understand how you can be a blogger when you don’t know basic churning. Let me let you in on a secret, CHASE NEVER EVER EVER enforced their 24 month rule on their cards. I repeat Never ever.

    • Well, honestly being a blogger is as easy as signing up for a free wordpress account, so I’ve never understood this kind of comment. If someone becomes a SUCCESSFUL blogger and you don’t think they deserve it, that’s a different story and I can better understand that kind of frustration. But I don’t think that’s the case here.

      As to the non-snarky part of your comment, thanks very much for adding your insight. That’s what this post is looking for.

      • Don’t even pay any attention to idiots like this. You and Drew put out great content and are two of the few blogs I follow. Apparently Mike up there knows everything about everything when it comes to miles and points, but not all of us do. I, for one, appreciate your work here :-).

      • Carrie I had heard once or twice Chase cards are churnable. If so I guess the masses are just repeating the 24 month rule mantra without trying. I’ve personally never tried. I would think you guys have enough knowledgeable contacts to reach out to confirm if this is true 🙂

      • Thanks for responding with positive encouragement, Carrie. However, the non-snarky part of the comment was (a) still snarky, and (b) not that insightful.

        It’s not clear from the poster’s comment whether he’s referring to Chase’s 24-month application rule or 24-month closure rule. Either way, however, I can report from personal experience that I was DENIED the sign-up bonus on a second Ink Bold account after meeting the minimum spend requirement, which occurred about 10 months after opening my first Ink Bold account (I opened the accounts about 8-9 months from each other). I used different business names but same owner, and both cards were open at the time the second bonus was denied.

        Hope that helps!

  4. I can’t stop laughing. You’re a blogger and the stuff you write is pure BS!!! LOL

    • Come on, guys. Here you have somebody that’s volunteering to undertake a project that will help lots of people, and all you can do is sneer? Nobody here is claiming to be an oracle, just trying to gather information. Insults don’t make anyone look better here.

  5. I appreciate the info that has been gathered so far, and have bookmarked this page for future reference in hopes that it becomes complete over time. PS I am grateful for the info about BoA. Didn’t know that!

    • Glad you’re finding it potentially useful and I hope we can get it a bit more complete!

    • Valid Point but A) This is a nicer on the eyes clean Spreadsheet. B) Maybe she wanted to present information without stealing it and C) Nothing wrong with 2 sources I the same information. More vetting/comments are good for everybody.

    • No, I did not know about this other post. Have to admit I don’t really keep up with the other blogs. Thanks for pointing this out though. I will have to check it out. Hopefully the fact that this post is a wiki and able to be edited by everyone will offer a bit of a different twist.

    • I just checked out the DoC post again, and I feel like having both of these is worthwhile. I’ve gotta say, Carrie’s style is WAY different from DoC’s and I really don’t mind multiple sources taking on the same subject matter. Sure we don’t need a hundred bloggers reminding us of first friday 3x points, but this is on the other end of the spectrum from that.
      PS – I miss there being a tab on TIF that links to this blog.

      • Thanks for your comment! I do hope that this chart, being editable by readers, will offer kind of a different spin on the topic.

  6. Hi Drew & Carrie!

    I’m a huge fan of your work!
    Edited the worksheet, but don’t see it showing up. My error? Reposting it here as well: AMEX SPG Personal Card, not churnable, Denied 2nd signup bonus, 1st card cancelled 2011, 2nd card opened 2015, still denied after meeting min. spend. FYI: I did receive the 5k referral bonus, but not the 30k signup bonus. Also, I initially had a new SPG rewards # leading me to believe I would get the signup bonus a 2nd time, but AMEX automatically merged this new SPG # with my existing # so they definitely traced my “lineage.” Hope this helps!

    • Thanks for adding this! I will have to take a look into why the edits weren’t showing up. hmmm

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