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I once nailed an interview for a job as an accountant for a small business.  I was offered the job but I knew, as a disorganized art-major with far more enthusiasm for creativity than logistics, I would have really struggled and possibly failed.  I’m much better at interviews than I am at accounting, I think.

When we started the stats page, I was again reminded of my challenges. While it feels like I am constantly tracking expenses, I am sure it’s not perfect and that there are things that have fallen through the cracks.  For instance, a commenter recently pointed out that the stats page has been falling far short on one of its goals.  While I’ve been constantly tracking expenses, I’ve not applied the same attention and timeliness to the earning side of things, which is also quite important and is indeed one of the goals of the stats page.

So I’m grateful to Steve L. for pointing this out, and I’ve tried to do some cleanup. You may now notice that our paid stays once again have earnings listed in the “points earned” category and I’ve also gone in and added other random earnings such as the 10% rebate on redeemed points when you’re an IHG credit-card holder, or points that come as a welcome gift.

Also I am going to begin recording points earned from credit-card bonuses as well.  That may seem obvious, but I’ve been so focused on the expenses that I’ve not created a good routine for credit card bonuses.  Obviously this will be a good thing for readers to watch as it will show which credit cards we apply for.  This goes for credit-card annual fees too…though there are not a whole lot of those…

So again to recap, watch for these updates and make suggestions for other updates you’d like to see:

1.) Watch for points earned from paid stays.

2.) Watch for a 10% rebate of points-spent, (a perk of the IHG credit card).  This is something I’ll add in the earnings section on the day it posts to our account.

3.) Watch for credit card sign-up bonuses in the “earnings” and “how can I do it?” columns.


Point is, I’m going to revamp my organization this year.  That’s my early “new year’s resolution” if you will.  Still looking for an app that will let me plug in expenses with my phone then store them on the cloud where I can access them online.

If you know of such an app! Let me know!


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  1. I’m sure you’ve looked at YNAB [You Need a Budget] and Expensify before, but I would imagine they would both work for you. I’d recommend YNAB, as it fits personal spending much better and has a better phone UI, but it does cost. They have a simple phone interface for tracking, they make pretty graphs, and you can all your data out of it into a CSV for Excel. You just missed a 50% off deal [regularly $60], but it does go on sale from time to time. For anyone thinking about tracking finances, I highly recommend YNAB

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