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5 things to know before you burn your United miles

People are trying to burn their miles before the devaluation takes effect on Feb. 1st. If you are one of these people looking to use them up, you may as well know a few things about stretching those miles out.

If you are already fairly savvy in your knowledge of redeeming miles and want to know the really advanced strategies for turning your miles into multi-destination trips, here are some posts you may be interested in: Click to keep reading…

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How to put together a United award trip with stopovers

As extraverts, Drew and I love traveling with our friends and if we can help them get the hang of this miles-collecting, free-travel hobby a little bit, we most certainly will. For instance the other evening I was helping a friend use her United miles (Hallelujah, she had United miles!) for a route I knew would be totally booked. What can you really do to get someone to Sydney right before Christmas booking only two months in advance?

Well you can always see if a stopover will increase your options. It is United miles we’re talking about, after all, which allows two open jaws and one stop-over for every round-trip award ticket.Click to keep reading…