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Now that we’re blabla car pros…

Awhile ago I wrote a brief, introductory post about cutting costs with carpooling sites in Europe. Since then we’ve gone on many many more carpool rides and I’ve learned a bit of the carpooling….etiquette? The low down. The ropes… Click to keep reading…

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4 Options for getting wifi at the airport

When the gate attendant’s voice came over the loud speaker to announce we were about to board, we had not yet booked a hotel for the night. I didn’t think too much about it despite our 9:00 pm landing time in Denver, CO.

“We’ll just book something when we land,” I thought.

Which…didn’t happen. (That’s another story.) But if there had been any last minute availability for the Crowne Plaza, at least we would have found it once we landed using the airport’s wifi. Click to keep reading…


First Class Cathay and why it’s a rare occurrence for us

After writing many posts about our preference for more flights versus fancier flights… approaching our most recent 14 hour flight home we were thinking… Click to keep reading…


Confessions: The other reasons we can travel

It’s no secret that miles and points are a big part of how we can embrace full-time travel. But there are a few other vital pieces as well that don’t get mentioned on the blog very much because they’re things outside of this miles and points niche, which makes up the meat and potatoes of our content.

And yet these are some of my favorite things to write about. So in case any of you feel like “miles and points” just doesn’t fully sum up how full-time travel works, here are the other factors that allow us to travel full-time. Click to keep reading…

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Traveling through Thailand during martial law

Even though the most recent pointbreaks list wasn’t all that great, there was one listed hotel we’ll be able to take advantage of- the Crowne Plaza in Bangkok since we happen to be in Thailand already. Others must have felt the same way since it is now off the list already! However, some are afraid to come to Bangkok right now.

Which brings me to the actual topic of this post. Traveling through Thailand during martial law. Click to keep reading…


Get married at the airport.

The clock struck midnight about an hour ago here in Patong, Phuket so it is now officially Drew and my 3rd wedding anniversary. I thought it timely that the following video showed up in my facebook feed.

We didn’t follow Bill Murray’s advice to a tee exactly…but we have traveled all around the world together, going places that were hard to get into, hard to get out of or hard to get around and we do indeed still feel like we’re the luckiest adventurers because we get to do these things together.

So now I give you the best advice you’ll ever see on my blog. Advice we didn’t take but might as well have. 🙂 Click to keep reading…


Keeping it simple home and away

When Drew and I got married we sent out invitations that requested guests not to bring gifts as we wanted a life with less that would keep us free to travel. Thanks to that endeavor, as we travel we have few enough boxes to store them in the basements of friends. (Thanks guys! Someday we’ll clear out that corner for you!)

That’s not the only way that keeping things simple has accommodated travel though. Here are 5 ways we keep things simple for home life or for travel life. Click to keep reading…


Pros and Cons of the nomadic life

India is a perfect place to become contemplative- (my worst vice). And it’s gotten me thinking about why we travel, or why anyone travels? Or really…why we have made a lifestyle out of travel.

Listen guys. The full-time nomadic life is full of so many oddities, both good and bad.

So this is going to be a teeney tiny post outlining the pros and cons of doing travel the way we do it- long term. 6 pros and 6 cons. Click to keep reading…

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Can you use your hotel points where you’re going?

For all of you hotel points collectors out there it is imperative to know whether or not your hotel points will be of any actual use for your travel goals. Why collect hotel points only to find out you’re traveling to a part of the world with scarcely any hotels in that hotel chain?

So I decided to put together a rough list of where each hotel chain has a strong presence and where they have a weak or non-existent presence. Click to keep reading…

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Indian Railway System…adventure/disaster?

Just before midnight last night I jumped onto a moving train, luggage in hand, head-first into a crowd of armed Indian soldiers who had been oggling at me for the last hour and a half.

While I consider myself to be the kind of girl who can take a rough and tumble adventure, all I could think about as I hid under my sheets in my top bunk cot was “how can I make sure this never happens again?”

I can’t. Click to keep reading…