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The Best Promo in the World (Beginners’ Edition)

With some miles/points smarts, it’s possible to turn 3 paid nights into something like 10 award nights. Or imagine you could pay for 3 crappy Holiday Inns or 3 hotels you’d need anyways and get 2 free nights at any hotel in the world with points left over. Like the $1,000 a night InterContinental Bora Bora or one of my favorites is the InterContinental Hong Kong, or my Mom’s favorite (and where we stayed on the same floor as the president of South Korea) the InterContinental Paris. This promotion has so much potential. Click to keep reading…

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How to transfer bank points to miles

I’ve talked a lot about the different rewards currencies there are. There are frequent flyer miles, hotel points, and bank points, basically. What i’m concerned about today is how to transfer points to miles. Specifically bank points.

Drew and I find that the most valuable of all of the aforementioned rewards currencies are frequent flyer miles. So even when you’re earning bank points, you’ll get the most value out of those points by transferring them to miles.

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All the cards that help you earn Hilton Points

There are a lot of options for earning Hilton points. Despite their not being our number one go-to hotel brand, it is handy in a pinch to have so many options for earning or especially transferring out from other points.

Let me show you what I mean by listing out all the different ways a person can earn Hilton points using credit cards. Click to keep reading…


Don’t know how people are traveling the world for free? Read this.

This post is for anyone who arrives at this site expecting a traditional travel blog and has no idea what to make of any of the posts here.

So let’s get to it. What is all this talk of credit cards and frequent flyer programs and all this “travel hacker” stuff? Click to keep reading…

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Why you need to check out our “Complete Guides”

Perhaps you’ve noticed that Drew and I have been releasing some visual-heavy content on his blog recently. Or perhaps my facebook friends have noticed that my drivel feed has been lacking in drivel as of late. That is because infographics and complete guides take me an embarrassingly long time to make.

BECAUSE they take so much work for the Drew and I, I wanted to take a moment to share why we believe they’re worth making. Click to keep reading…

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Can you use your hotel points where you’re going?

For all of you hotel points collectors out there it is imperative to know whether or not your hotel points will be of any actual use for your travel goals. Why collect hotel points only to find out you’re traveling to a part of the world with scarcely any hotels in that hotel chain?

So I decided to put together a rough list of where each hotel chain has a strong presence and where they have a weak or non-existent presence. Click to keep reading…

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Distance based miles vs. Zone based miles

By the time a person has earned frequent flyer miles, they’ve already had to think about all the crazy details involved in earning. For instance, we’ve already talked about the importance of knowing which miles/points currencies you’re earning.

Well…there’s another thing to consider. Sorry, I know it’s overwhelming.

Pricing. Click to keep reading…


Save Your AA Miles With Off-Peak Prices

With the United devaluation right around the corner, Drew and I are soon to be American Airlines folk. Or at least… more so than we were. Though…my last customer service experience with them was less than ideal when I found out I had to fly to Ft. Lauderdale and back on New Years Eve to make Exec Platinum Status because of a mess of misinformations…but hey. Par for the course. And I love an adventure. Click to keep reading…


Getting to know Chase

My grandma says that in the old days guys would ask her out just so that they could get closer to her twin sister. UGH! As a twin myself, I was repulsed by that idea- but I’m going to recommend it. NOT for your dating life (that’s so not cool!)…but for your CHASE application life.
Let me explain… Click to keep reading…


The two expenses bringin me down

Thanks to frequent flyer miles, we keep the expenses of international flights at bay. AND YET there are still some culprits raising our expenses more than I’d like. So I wanted to know, what expenses are coming between me and the super low budget I want? Well, I took a look at the stats to see what I could find…Click to keep reading…