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The Real Bali [Behind the Scenes]

I’m really excited about our most recent Youtube video, “The Real Bali: Discovering Nyepi.” Maybe it’s because we had better/more footage to use for that video or maybe it’s because Bali is such an adventurous place, but for whatever reason it’s the video I’m most proud of as a video editor.

But alot of things have to get edited out in order to keep a video interesting. So I wanted to write a blog post that shines a sort of “behind the scenes” light on the events in the video. Click to keep reading…


Why you should burn your US Airways miles to visit Europe before 2015

Combining a couple of interesting US Airways features, US Airways has been the source of one of the cheapest roundtrip Europe strategies for only 30,000 miles. But in 2015 some new changes to the US Airways credit card are disrupting that strategy, and that great price. Click to keep reading…


If we live anywhere, where should it be?

I have to start this post by saying it will probably be a very very long time before Drew and I can actually live somewhere…as opposed to everywhere.

But this SouthWest Companion Pass has gotten me window shopping for homes. You know, in the same way a 16 year old window shops for a sweet car. Which is to say…it’s not happening. Don’t get all excited about this, it’s not happening. We are still nomads and will be for awhile as far as I can tell. Click to keep reading…


Using miles to get to 2 epic South American Islands- miles to Easter Island and miles to Galapagos

Travel, for me, is about the sense of adventure in seeing something novel. So naturally, the most out of reach, out of touch, obscure places are going to be the most interesting to me. Like islands in the middle of nowhere.

The Pacific islands can be more accessible with miles than one might think. Fiji, Rarotonga, Guam, Saipan- these are all places we’ve seen and all accessible with miles. For some reason places like that are covered.

But what about the incredibly unique islands off of South America? There are two in particular I’ve got in mind, and perhaps you can guess. Click to keep reading…


One of my favorite destinations: North Kaibab Trail Grand Canyon

I am writing this post from a van heading East from Grand Canyon where we spent the last two days hiking from rim to rim. In fact, we replicated a trip my sisters, Dad and I did some 15 years ago starting our trek down the beautiful Northern Rim trail of North Kaibob, then, after a night in the middle of the canyon at Phantom Ranch, heading upward toward the South Rim on the Bright Angel Trail. Life has changed of course and thus so did our group of hikers. While my oldest sister opted to stay home with her young children, Annie and I brought our S.O’s to join us and our Dad. Click to keep reading…

Grand Canyon rafting trip

My favorite “no-star” travel experiences

After a little more than 4 months in Asia, we’re home again. I say “home” but as someone who is technically homeless, what I really mean is “Stateside.” Or really, I’m in the places where I don’t need a reservation to belong.

For some reason this last time I was incredibly ready to come back to the States. Going from hotel to hotel exhausts something other than my energy. I don’t know how to describe it but hotels exist in this funny world where everything is constructed around temporary connections. And especially with luxury hotels, they exist in a world where the staff dresses to the nines and speaks with attention to formalities. It’s incredible and exquisite but not exactly “homey”.

After 4 months I just wanted to sit in front of a campfire and roast marshmallows in my ratty jeans.

Or my space cats shirt… Click to keep reading…

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Traveling through Thailand during martial law

Even though the most recent pointbreaks list wasn’t all that great, there was one listed hotel we’ll be able to take advantage of- the Crowne Plaza in Bangkok since we happen to be in Thailand already. Others must have felt the same way since it is now off the list already! However, some are afraid to come to Bangkok right now.

Which brings me to the actual topic of this post. Traveling through Thailand during martial law. Click to keep reading…


The 5 most serendipitous moments of our travel so far

Sometimes I believe that travel is the greatest invitation for serendipity. A person who craves unexpected adventures puts themselves directly in that path when they go somewhere wildly new.

This belief is supported by the countless travelers I’ve met with stories that’ll knock your socks off and make you wonder how they ended up in the right place at the right time.

Here are our stories of serendipity. Times we stumbled upon something amazing.Click to keep reading…


Top 5 places I should’ve gone on my honeymoon, but saved for a random Monday morning instead

When Drew and I fist got married, we were still working on our miles-bank, though miles and points were all Drew thought or talked about. We were frugal as ever so we planned our honeymoon at a cabin some friends were letting us borrow for free in Pennsylvania.

But we are both wanderlusters. So when our nights in PA were through and we still had some time before we needed to return to work, I looked at my brand new husband and told him to prove he wasn’t all talk with this points stuff. Just kidding. I didn’t say that but I begged him to find internet somewhere in the tiny PA town so we could see what exotic place his miles could take us. Click to keep reading…


Italy’s Hill Towns- Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio does not have an InterContinental. It does not have any Hitlon, Starwood, Choice, or Hyatt hotels. In fact… I don’t recall seeing even a police station or grocery store along the short length of cobble-stone street most representative of a “main street” on the little hill town of Civita di Bagnoregio. Click to keep reading…