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When it’s time to cancel a card…what are your options?

Ok. So you got a card because of the alluring sign up bonus and now that the annual fee is rolling around, you’re weighing the options as to whether or not the card is worth keeping. What should you do? What should you consider? Click to keep reading…

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6 Rules for Applying for a ton of Miles Credit Cards

Anyone can get tons of free travel by simply signing up for credit cards. Want to go to Thailand? Just sign up for two credit cards and you’ll have more than enough miles for a roundtrip. Probably enough miles for a business class ticket even.

But there are so many credit cards out there (and many you can get more than once)- it makes total sense to apply for more cards when you need more trips. To scale the amount of free travel, just increase the number of credit cards you have. Click to keep reading…


Why you should burn your US Airways miles to visit Europe before 2015

Combining a couple of interesting US Airways features, US Airways has been the source of one of the cheapest roundtrip Europe strategies for only 30,000 miles. But in 2015 some new changes to the US Airways credit card are disrupting that strategy, and that great price. Click to keep reading…


Don’t know how people are traveling the world for free? Read this.

This post is for anyone who arrives at this site expecting a traditional travel blog and has no idea what to make of any of the posts here.

So let’s get to it. What is all this talk of credit cards and frequent flyer programs and all this “travel hacker” stuff? Click to keep reading…


Getting to know Chase

My grandma says that in the old days guys would ask her out just so that they could get closer to her twin sister. UGH! As a twin myself, I was repulsed by that idea- but I’m going to recommend it. NOT for your dating life (that’s so not cool!)…but for your CHASE application life.
Let me explain… Click to keep reading…


Reviewing our miles and points collection strategy

Drew and I met up with a miles and points collecting friend (quite a pro) and our conversation made me realize how diverse this hobby can be in terms of strategy. We’re all collecting miles and points but it seems everyone’s got something different they really hone in on to earn, and I think that’s quite appropriate. Do what suits your lifestyle.

For instance, if I think about the ways we’ve been earning as we travel, it’s quite different from what we might be doing if we were stationary. Click to keep reading…


Looking past Lufthansa Miles & More’s tediousness

The other day Drew made a comment that he keeps forgetting we have Lufthansa miles. Well…ok perhaps we’ve gotten a bit “United” saturated and perhaps it’s good for us to reassure the public that we do indeed diversify our miles portfolio.

So, I thought I could welcome Lufthansa Miles & More miles into the cool kids’ club by writing a post outlining the program for beginners. Click to keep reading…


Reaching credit card spend requirements

Well we are back in the States for Drew’s sister’s wedding and for the holidays. One thing that’s nice about being back in the States is taking care of “manufactured spends.” Click to keep reading…


The only 3 credit cards we use as we travel Europe

As we’ve been traveling Europe, there are really only 3 credit cards that we actually have been bothering to use, and trust me, we try to use them for as many spends as we can. Money costs! Well…taking money out of the ATM in a foreign country costs, but paying with a credit card doesn’t have to and in fact, comes with some great benefits. The only 3 cards we’ve been using as we travel Europe are the Chase Ink Bold charge card, the Hyatt credit card, and the IHG card. Click to keep reading…


How to Stretch Your Club Carlson Points

Thanks to a “bonus night on rewards stays” perk offered by the Club Carlson Visa, card holders can make great use of Club Carlson points with little to no work what-so-ever. We use this ridiculously easy trick all the time. In this post I’ll walk you through how we got two nights for 15,000 points total at a hotel going for around 65 Euro’s a night. Click to keep reading…