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What are these credit cards getting us? Navigating the currencies that can and can’t get you closer to free flights.

Many people entering this hobby ask what the “best” credit card to get is. And I usually say that it can depend on a few factors. I talk about these things in my post about the 4 things you must know before collecting credit cards.

Well…in addition to there being a variety of different credit cards you can choose from, there are also a variety of different currencies you can choose from. Perhaps those of us who have had our heads in this game for a few years have forgotten how confusing that can be! Click to keep reading…


Getting to know Chase

My grandma says that in the old days guys would ask her out just so that they could get closer to her twin sister. UGH! As a twin myself, I was repulsed by that idea- but I’m going to recommend it. NOT for your dating life (that’s so not cool!)…but for your CHASE application life.
Let me explain… Click to keep reading…

expensive free

Don’t make the mistake of an expensive "free" ticket!

I had a friend who wanted to start collecting and using miles, but then almost immediately got turned off from the idea when her ticket to Europe ended up costing nearly as much as a revenue ticket would have. Huge disappointment.

This exact problem is why I think the complex world of fuel surcharges is the first thing a budget traveler should learn about if they are interested in using miles and points to save on travel. Click to keep reading…


4 Things You Must Know Before Getting 20 Credit Cards

Indeed the biggest way travel-hackers earn their frequent flyer miles is by signing up for lots and lots of credit-cards just for the bonuses they provide. But 20 credit cards sounds like a lot, and it really makes people (understandably) nervous.

Which brings up a few things you MUST know before getting your 20 credit cards. Click to keep reading…


Reviewing our miles and points collection strategy

Drew and I met up with a miles and points collecting friend (quite a pro) and our conversation made me realize how diverse this hobby can be in terms of strategy. We’re all collecting miles and points but it seems everyone’s got something different they really hone in on to earn, and I think that’s quite appropriate. Do what suits your lifestyle.

For instance, if I think about the ways we’ve been earning as we travel, it’s quite different from what we might be doing if we were stationary. Click to keep reading…


Reaching credit card spend requirements

Well we are back in the States for Drew’s sister’s wedding and for the holidays. One thing that’s nice about being back in the States is taking care of “manufactured spends.” Click to keep reading…


An Introduction to PointBreaks

I’m always excited when it’s time for the PointBreaks list to come out. If it weren’t for IHG’s PointBreaks list, the cheapest IHG stay would be about 10,000 points and would get you into the cheapest Holiday Inn. But thanks to PointBreaks, the cheapest IHG stay can be had for 5,000 points and can get you something as nice as a 5 star InterContinental.Click to keep reading…

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How to put together a United award trip with stopovers

As extraverts, Drew and I love traveling with our friends and if we can help them get the hang of this miles-collecting, free-travel hobby a little bit, we most certainly will. For instance the other evening I was helping a friend use her United miles (Hallelujah, she had United miles!) for a route I knew would be totally booked. What can you really do to get someone to Sydney right before Christmas booking only two months in advance?

Well you can always see if a stopover will increase your options. It is United miles we’re talking about, after all, which allows two open jaws and one stop-over for every round-trip award ticket.Click to keep reading…


Taking advantage of Best Rate Guarantees

This trip we have really been taking advantage of Best Rate Guarantee’s. If you’re not familiar with what this is, it’s basically a promise a hotel company has to offer you the best rate for a room on their very own website. If you find a lower rate on a different site like Kayak or Expedia, they will essentially reward you for your find. This helps them keep their rates up to date on all sites and helps you get a deal on a room!Click to keep reading…