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When it’s time to cancel a card…what are your options?

Ok. So you got a card because of the alluring sign up bonus and now that the annual fee is rolling around, you’re weighing the options as to whether or not the card is worth keeping. What should you do? What should you consider? Click to keep reading…


Don’t make these newbie mistakes when switching from earning to burning

A lot of newbies I’ve met get really excited about the credit card application part of collecting miles, but then feel totally overwhelmed by the actual booking part. My family has been doing traveling lately so I’ve gotten to witness first hand what some of the common issues are for a newbie trying to crossover from earning to burning. Click to keep reading…

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6 Rules for Applying for a ton of Miles Credit Cards

Anyone can get tons of free travel by simply signing up for credit cards. Want to go to Thailand? Just sign up for two credit cards and you’ll have more than enough miles for a roundtrip. Probably enough miles for a business class ticket even.

But there are so many credit cards out there (and many you can get more than once)- it makes total sense to apply for more cards when you need more trips. To scale the amount of free travel, just increase the number of credit cards you have. Click to keep reading…


The things to consider when picking a rewards card

If you are making a decision about which card to apply for, you may be tempted to sign up for whichever card you last saw advertised on your favorite blog. But the thing is, the decision of which card to get can actually be quite specific to each person. The card I recommend for my dad, who has a great credit-score, does a lot of domestic travel, and already has a few rewards cards, is going to be different than the card I recommend for my sister, who isn’t sure what her credit score is, doesn’t have any rewards cards yet, and is interested in an international trip to Asia someday.

So rather than writing a post with a thousand different personalities and the cards that would suit those folks the best, I’m just going to outline a few things you may want to ask yourself to help determine which kinds of cards to go for. Click to keep reading…

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Pros and cons of flying SouthWest

Now that Drew and I are in the States for a few months and now that we have the Companion Pass, we are going to be taking a significant amount of SouthWest flights. Click to keep reading…


Don’t know how people are traveling the world for free? Read this.

This post is for anyone who arrives at this site expecting a traditional travel blog and has no idea what to make of any of the posts here.

So let’s get to it. What is all this talk of credit cards and frequent flyer programs and all this “travel hacker” stuff? Click to keep reading…

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Having a good credit score and eating it too…wait…what?

So it’s time for us to have that talk. You know…the one about credit score. Because everyone entering this hobby has that very valid question:

“Doesn’t this hobby keep you from having a good credit score?”

It’s an excellent question because your credit score is an important thing to monitor and care about. Click to keep reading…

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Why you need to check out our “Complete Guides”

Perhaps you’ve noticed that Drew and I have been releasing some visual-heavy content on his blog recently. Or perhaps my facebook friends have noticed that my drivel feed has been lacking in drivel as of late. That is because infographics and complete guides take me an embarrassingly long time to make.

BECAUSE they take so much work for the Drew and I, I wanted to take a moment to share why we believe they’re worth making. Click to keep reading…


No annual fee credit cards and why they matter

When you’re starting out in the miles and points game it’s good to have an understanding of credit score because let’s be honest, it’s kind of all about credit cards. Getting the ones with good bonuses, etc. But while we’re getting involved with credit cards it’s extremely important to understand that average length of history plays a role in our credit score.

For instance sometimes I’ll hear a friend talk about the first credit card they ever got. “I never use that thing anymore. I might as well cancel it.” My next question is always “does it have an annual fee? Click to keep reading…

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Our first “Complete Guide” for curious frequent flyers

There’s a reason why we started this hobby with a giant dry-erase board covered with lists and notes scribbled all over it, propped against the bedroom wall.

This hobby is a complex world of credit cards, frequent flyer miles and bank points and hotel points and airline alliances and…it goes on and on.  It’s pretty confusing for anyone starting out.  Or even for someone fairly used to the miles and points world, it can still be easy to miss details.Click to keep reading…