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Why you should burn your US Airways miles to visit Europe before 2015

Combining a couple of interesting US Airways features, US Airways has been the source of one of the cheapest roundtrip Europe strategies for only 30,000 miles. But in 2015 some new changes to the US Airways credit card are disrupting that strategy, and that great price. Click to keep reading…

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20% EuroRail vs. Discount Airlines

I don’t know about you, but Drew and I have 3 mistake-fares coming up, all taking us to or through Europe. Somewhat accidentally, we are going to be spending the holidays in Europe. Family time still wins out as my favorite way to celebrate holidays but Vienna’s Christmas markets will be a good plan B I think.

Perhaps some of you caught the mistake-fare too.
Well, let’s pretend for a moment that you didn’t want to use miles for your intra-Europe travels. (For instance, if you need to close the gap created by a Milan to Prague open-jaw…just to pick a “random” example.) Click to keep reading…

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Pros and cons of flying SouthWest

Now that Drew and I are in the States for a few months and now that we have the Companion Pass, we are going to be taking a significant amount of SouthWest flights. Click to keep reading…