August Totals (2014)

august totals

Each month I write a report of sorts, to show a bit of the bigger picture.  For a more detailed list of each spend, go to the stats page or click here.

How was this month so cheap?  We were hanging out with family, that’s how.

I love traveling.  It’s the lifestyle that fits Drew and I.  But I love visiting home too.  It’s the place I feel most excited to visit because it’s the place where I have the most community.

It’s the most significant tension in my life, that clumsy balancing act with a strong love of two quite opposite things.  Living at home is being in community.  Being nomadic is often being a stranger.  Just tonight Drew and I stood wide-eyed, timidly saying “no intiendo” as a friendly old couple stubbornly tried to make conversation with us about Huila and someone’s brother…and…and…I don’t know.  They were determined that we did indeed know Spanish and took my nervous laughter as an affirmation that I was understanding something of more depth than the synopsis I just now detailed.

Anyway.  We made friends still, somehow.  But not friends we’ll see again.  And sadly, that optimistic couple is wrong, I don’t know Spanish.  Thus, I don’t know a single thing about these new friends except that they think Huila is beautiful and it’s a shame we can’t see it in our short visit to Colombia.  And that the fellow enjoys a nice Tuesday evening whiskey.

Quite different than having close friends next door.

Panama being our first travel destination after spending time with family, I hadn’t quite gotten back into my travel groove yet  (it’s not your fault Panama City.)  But as Drew and I began to explore the city, I started to get my travel legs back.  This crazy lifestyle started to feel special again, diving across crazy traffic and wandering through cobble-stone alleys with my love.  Laughing together at our inept Spanish.  Imagining what life is like for this community.

It’s very special.  And it’s not the only lifestlye that comes with tensions, I know that.  Most lifestlyes do, because anytime we focus on a passion, there’s another passion being set aside to make way for it.

Anyway back to the stats.

So here are the totals for the month of August spanning three countries; United StatesPanama, and  Colombia.

August Total$934.46
Tourist Attraction Total$0
Food & Beverage Total$600.27
Land Transit Total$110.86
Air Transit Total$040,000 United miles
32,000 Lufthansa miles
Accommodation total$15080,000 IHG points
22,500 Marriott points
5,000 Hyatt points

Photo of the Month:


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