Invitation to travel to Ukraine! -Adoption update!


PEOPLE! I am so excited I just have to post about this.

Some of you may remember the video we launched on Drew’s site asking who wanted to fund my sister’s adoption. Or maybe you remember the interview we did with my sister and brother-in-law where they talked more about the experience. And many of you…SO many of you, donated to her adoption fund. We were floored and so humbled by the support from all y’all.

And that means that you are part of this! You shared in the fund-raising so now I want you to share in the excitement that we have FINALLY received an invitation from Ukraine for my sister to travel there and adopt a child.

Here’s why this is such a big deal…

For the last two years we have been trying to make an estimation about when the paperwork side of the adoption would be finished and approved. And for the last year and a half of that two years, Drew and I have been making estimations of when the actual Ukraine travel would happen so that we can join my sister and help her with the travel details as well as caring for the two children she already has.

Every plan we’ve made since last fall has been tentative, with the thought that maybe we’d need to travel to Ukraine during that time. The only plans we made that weren’t cancelable were reservations made in Europe over the winter, when we were almost certain the adoption would be taking place and we’d be over there anyway. The same has been true for Rachel and Zack of course, as they’ve been trying to put off other plans and transitions until the adoption goes through. 

And honestly, this waiting game is the story of adoption for nearly every adopting family. It’s not a new story at all. 


The challenge

We still have a challenge. Even though a huge stress is relieved in finally knowing when the Ukraine travel is happening, there are still challenges.

Initially we thought Rachel and Zack had just enough miles for 4 tickets to Ukraine and 6 back (since they have a family of 4 and are looking to adopt two new children.) BUT, as it turns out, there’s enough time between meeting your child and taking your child home that many families are advised to just fly back to the states during that time. Make one trip to meet and select your child, and make another to meet with the Ukrainian courts weeks later. Instead of paying for a hotel for your family for weeks while also taking unpaid leave from your job, just pay for flights home during that time and call it even stevens.

This also helps families who already have children break down travel and baby-sitting into manageable amounts of time. I don’t know if you’ve tried to find a baby-sitter for 8 weeks lately but that’s near impossible, especially when grandparents are not yet retired.

So now instead of 4 roundtrip tickets and two one-ways, we’re looking at 6 roundtrip tickets and two one-ways. The first trip will be just Rachel and Zack and the second trip will be the whole gang.

Not to mention that Zack and Rachel never collected miles and points until recently and it’s all been for the purpose of this very trip.

Meaning they’ve never bought a single gift card.


The journey continues!

Adoption is a long road. Many of you may well know that from your own experiences. It’s kind of the opposite of a “hurry up and wait” situation. Instead, it’s a wait and then hurry situation. I told my sister it’s kind of like everything happens as though you already live in Ukraine. The invitations are sent with almost no regards to the fact that international travel plans will be necessary.

For instance, TODAY we found out that Rachel and Zack’s appointment in Ukraine is NOT EVEN 3 WEEKS AWAY!

And the announcement for their court date (for trip #2) will be equally short notice.

It’s crazy but it’s also exciting. We can now say that in just a few weeks, my sister and brother-in-law will meet their new child!

Thank you SO much for being part of it!!


8 Comments on “Invitation to travel to Ukraine! -Adoption update!

  1. Carrie, it seems that you are so thankful and joyful that it’s hard to find the words to express it all. I am excited for you and yours, as I’m sure all your friends and readers are. I was so hoping that you and Drew would be at San Diego FTU so that we could meet, but maybe next time. Enjoy your blessings, and pass them along to the next generation. May all your surprises be good ones.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, Richard! Sorry we missed you! Any chance you’ll be at the Dallas event next month?

      • Sorry to say, but only one FTU for me this year. My wife is a reluctant miles and points spouse. We are refinancing right now (3 credit pulls each!), but when we are finished, we will give you more support with another AOR. Your blogs are the only ones that I check daily. A blessed Easter to your family.

        • Very kind of you! Glad you are going at a pace you both are comfortable with. That’s the best way anyway. 🙂
          Happy Easter to you as well!

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