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Nomads no more…

Almost a year ago Drew and I found ourselves in one of those lulls, sitting in the InterContinental Istanbul lobby with our roller bags at our feet. We were stuck between a late checkout and a much later flight with time on our hands.

As we often did, we began brainstorming new business ideas, a red flag for restlessness if I’ve ever heard of one.

In that conversation, we accidentally came up with a business idea that derailed our nomadic life. It has obsessed us ever since and as Drew announced last week, we have to go for it and give it our all. So after more than 3 years of nomadic life, we did the unthinkable and got ourselves a home. (Calm down, we’re just renting.)

We are nomads no more. Click to keep reading…

Vienna BW2

Zenmanship: Covetous minimalism

We just got to Budapest a day or so ago and I spent a shameful lot of my time people-watching with the sole purpose of comparing their haircuts to mine. See, I just got a haircut in Ukraine and I don’t love it. And everyone is just so darn trendy in bigger cities that I find myself treating these cities like a giant Pinterest board full of styles that I want for myself. Click to keep reading…

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 12.55.08 PM

Zenmanship: Villains and Strangers

Travel and the internet have something in common. They introduce you to a world full of strangers.

Think about this. When you are living a stationary life, you are surrounded by a community. People you know. Friends, family, coworkers, what have you.

The internet and travel both put you outside of your regular community and into a “frontier”, so to speak, of people. They’re not different necessarily, but they are unknown. A frontier. Click to keep reading…

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Zenmanship: You don’t need it

Hoping for an upgrade on your next flight? Getting really excited about switching to the new iPhone 6? Considering buying IHG Ambassador status?

You don’t need it.

And it’s not going to make your travel experience.

The things that I like to teach people on this blog are things that will help them travel when they maybe otherwise would not have been able to. Or things that will help them get a little bit more for “free” so they can save their money for other travel costs. Click to keep reading…