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Our first “Complete Guide” for curious frequent flyers

There’s a reason why we started this hobby with a giant dry-erase board covered with lists and notes scribbled all over it, propped against the bedroom wall.

This hobby is a complex world of credit cards, frequent flyer miles and bank points and hotel points and airline alliances and…it goes on and on.  It’s pretty confusing for anyone starting out.  Or even for someone fairly used to the miles and points world, it can still be easy to miss details.Click to keep reading…


House keeping

Anyone noticed a somewhat untidiness about the site lately? Bugs? Things not working…?
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Finding accurate availability for award tickets

One of the criticisms that I hear for frequent flier miles is that there’s never any availability. While availability can be hard to find sometimes, it’s often easier than people think, especially if they know where to look. And I don’t mean “where” in terms of which airports or which dates, I mean where on the internet. Click to keep reading…


Freakin Flyers

While having a conversation with a friend about this whole hobby of ours, he sort of absent-mindedly referred to our coveted miles -currency as “freakin flyer miles.” Immediately Drew and I decided that this nick-name for miles and points was a lot more memorable than “The Travel Venture.” Click to keep reading…


100,000 mile Citi Executive AAdvantage Card

I am so jet-lagged right now but am trying to combat that by being excited about the 100,000 mile AA credit card Drew just got approved for.

BUT there are a few intimidating factors I want to cover before I wrongly make this sound like the easy road to American Airline miles. Click to keep reading…


The question everyone asks a full-time traveler: what to pack

I can’t believe it but people are constantly asking Drew and I what we pack for non-stop travel. I keep putting off writing a post about it because …I don’t know…maybe it feels like giving fashion advice and Drew and I are the last people who should be giving fashion advice. But I suppose we have learned a thing or two about what’s worth taking along and what’s not worth taking along.
So here it goes. Click to keep reading…

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How we averaged a daily food budget of $16.29 for 2 in Europe

Drew and I have been getting a lot of questions about how we keep our food budget so low, so I decided the topic may deserve a post by now.

First I’d like to introduce some of the facts.

We were in Europe about 106 days. From the very beginning of August to about half way through November.

For 82 of those days, the food expenses cover 2 people while the remaining 24 of them account for 3 people as Drew’s mom joined us for the last 24 days.

So…technically our averages are as such:
Time spent with 3 people (23% of the time): an average of $24.61 spent on food a day.
Time spent with 2 people (77% of the time): an average of $16.29 spent on food a day. Click to keep reading…


Why United is still the best decision for broke travelers

We’ve all heard about the devaluation of the United mileage program by now. But in my opinion, United is still the best decision for collectors of Chase Ultimate Rewards points, or pretty much anyone who cares about seeing more of the world instead of more of a premium cabin. Click to keep reading…


East side to Cheapside: London (or anywhere) on the Cheap side

London on the cheap is a good way to guarantee an adventure, like getting lost in the outskirts of East London with my mother in law.

Let me back up a bit and forewarn you all that you’re going to see a spike in our expenses for the next few weeks but we have a good reason. We’ve invited Drew’s mom to come join us to do some family-history hunting and so we’re picking up a third person on our costs for awhile. She’s had us all around the countryside in a rental car sniffing out traces of her family history. We’ve seen crumbling abbeys, ancient churches and thatch-roofed houses all as a result of her research. She tells us to which family each location is relevant, but it’s mostly just a pleasure to see her diving into this interest. But before we got into all that rental-car goodness, as I alluded to earlier, she and I took a day to tackle London on the cheap, while Drew stayed back to work.Click to keep reading…


Which hotel points do we actually use?

Which hotel points do we actually end up using?

Hotel points are a huge asset in trying to travel non-stop, ESPECIALLY in higher priced travel destinations like Europe. But before you actually hit the road, it can be kind of hard to know where to focus your point-earning energy. Earn a few points with every hotel loyalty program? Or focus your energy with the ones you’ll use most? And at that rate…which hotels WILL you use most?

Well now that we’ve gotten a few months under our belt, I can start to see the trends and patterns of what resources we end up using the most. Maybe it will be helpful to see, especially for anyone thinking of doing a similar trip around Eastern and Western Europe. Click to keep reading…