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Nomads no more…

Almost a year ago Drew and I found ourselves in one of those lulls, sitting in the InterContinental Istanbul lobby with our roller bags at our feet. We were stuck between a late checkout and a much later flight with time on our hands.

As we often did, we began brainstorming new business ideas, a red flag for restlessness if I’ve ever heard of one.

In that conversation, we accidentally came up with a business idea that derailed our nomadic life. It has obsessed us ever since and as Drew announced last week, we have to go for it and give it our all. So after more than 3 years of nomadic life, we did the unthinkable and got ourselves a home. (Calm down, we’re just renting.)

We are nomads no more. Click to keep reading…

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Central/Eastern Europe & Turkey Travel Photos- My serendipitous candid photography hack

WARNING: This post is going to make photography buffs cringe.

As many of you know, I dropped a hard drive about 6 months ago and lost travel photos spanning 15 countries, three continents, and 6 months. I’ve already done enough public, online whining about it, so that’s not what this post is about.

Instead, this post is about a quirky little hack I stumbled upon in trying to scour through my videos to reclaim some stills from those destinations. Click to keep reading…


Packing is not the same as re-packing

I have a pet peeve that I know is totally trivial and shouldn’t annoy me, but it just does. It’s essentially this: for some unexplainable reason, I have always been kind of annoyed by “how to pack” articles that include the little bit about “rolling instead of folding” and things like that. I know, I know, it’s totally trivial. I warned you. Click to keep reading…

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The myth of the “off the beaten path” destination

While checking out some of the (non miles and points) travel blogs that I follow this morning, I realized how hard it actually is to travel somewhere that is actually off the beaten path.
In surfing through About Me pages and blogrolls I realized how many of the “off the beaten path” destinations are more realistically, “second on the beaten path” destinations. Click to keep reading…


Destination superlatives

I have always wanted to do a “travel superlatives” post to honor some of the most defining features of the 60-ish destinations we’ve seen so far. I mean, I don’t know how many times Drew and I have been bored on a bus or walking down some foreign city streets frivolously exchanging our various judgements of the places we’d just seen and how they compare to other places we’ve seen.

For some reason it has always been one of those running conversations that just pops up at random times. Perhaps you and your travel companions have had these little “superlatives” conversations too? Click to continue…

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The non-foodie’s guide to eating while traveling

Ok this title might be a little sensationalist, but…let me explain.

This post is not for someone going on a 5 day vacation. On a short trip, you can afford to break your rules. (Regarding both calories and budget.) So, sure, you can go all out.

But this post is for people traveling “long term.” When you travel long term, your travel IS your lifestyle, so you can only “splurge” as much as you would allow in your normal lifestyle.

For me, that means only occasionally indulging my inner foodie. A few special meals where the goal is to really have a culinary adventure, and otherwise a priority for healthy and affordable food. In cheap destinations, this allows for lots of foodie meals! But not everywhere.

So what does that look like in a variety of contexts? Click to keep reading…

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Myanmar snapshots and thoughts on travel

A few weeks ago, before Drew and I headed to the States for the holidays, we made a highly anticipated detour to Yangon, Myanmar.

I always love visiting places where we have friends. It just makes the visit a bit richer to be able to see what a “local”, or rather an ex-pat has learned to love. Often it leads us to either unique destinations or unique experiences.

So even though we didn’t get to leave the capital city this time, we had the kind of visit that makes you determined to return for a more thorough exploration. Click to keep reading…

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We would make an awesome commercial for T-Mobile

As a nomad, sometimes you find yourself frantically calling local taxi services to figure out if someone- ANYONE- will know how to get scans of your passport filed with the tourism bureau in time so that you can make it to Luxor for your next night’s reservation. (Ask me how many times I spelled “bureau” before I got it close enough for spell-check to recognize what I was going for and recommend the correct spelling.)

And at least a dozen times a week you find yourself needing to use Uber to avoid the local taxi scams. Or needing to check your email in the Uber on the way to your AirBnB to ask the hosts why the address shows up as somewhere completely different once plugged into GPS.

True stories. Click to keep reading…


A delayed review of our Egypt trip

I always feel like I need to write posts that incorporate broad themes, pulling from experiences across multiple countries and the overall experience of being a nomad, etc. I don’t know why I have that mode of thinking, but I’m trying to break that habit and remember that readers may be interested in the isolated destinations themselves.

For instance, I find myself thinking about Egypt a lot. It’s odd, because so much of my time there, I felt like I wasn’t seeing anything. But in hindsight…well…let me explain. Click to keep reading…


Destination highlights from 2015

Tomorrow we head for Myanmar- a place we’ve both really wanted to go for a long time. And I just know it will be really unique. But many of our other destinations this year have been quite unique too.

Again…it pains me that I won’t be able to cram this post full of photos, (because I dropped my hard drive.) *deep breath* .

But I’ll just have to turn the descriptive, writing magic up a few notches and try to paint these pictures for you.

Here are some of my favorite destinations from 2015. Click to keep reading…