1 Photo from every country I’ve been to…


Guys. I broke the external hard drive that stores our photos.

Not to sound over dramatic or anything, but that is the nomad’s equivalent of a house fire.  Ok, ok, that’s probably over dramatic, but seriously. I don’t buy souvenirs. I take photos. I don’t keep journals. I take photos.

If past me was wise and backed up my photos on my back-up hard drive in Ohio in the Spring, then that means I’ve lost 9 months of travel photos and design work. (If past me wasn’t so wise or if my back-up hard drive ran out of space…than I’ve lost 4 years of travel photos…  I can’t remember which is the case, and I’ll find out when I’m in Ohio next.)

I’m not going to make this a rant about how sad I am or how frustrated, (and please keep the “you should’ve backed up your hard drive on the cloud” comments to a minimum.) In this post, I am going to do a project that I’ve wanted to do for a long time (and should’ve done earlier). To make myself feel better.

One photo from every country (or more accurately, from every “place”) I’ve visited. Scrounged from the various places they’ve scurried off to on the internet or on other harddrives or old emails. I think there are 4 or 5 countries I won’t be able to supply photos for, but let’s see if I can cover most of them…

Because it was my dream to have one photo from every country I’d seen printed into a book one day, and I want to show myself that it’s still possible.

1. China



 Hong Kong (China)

Hong Kong 2

2. Indonesia


3. Malaysia

Malaysia 2

4. Thailand


5. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

6. Cambodia

Cambodia 2

7. Vietnam


8. Japan


Guam (USA)


9. Saipan (Northern Mariana Islands)


10. Fiji


11. New Zealand

New Zealand

12. Australia

Sydney 1

13. Rarotonga (Cook Islands)


14. Chile


Easter Island (Chile)


15. Peru


16. Panama


Aruba (Netherlands)


Puerto Rico (USA)

Puerto Rico

Zakynthos (Greece)


17. Greece


18. Romania


19. Hungary


20. Germany


21. Austria


22. Slovakia


23. Ukraine


24. Lithuania


25. Poland


26. UK


27. France France

French Polynesia (France)

frency polynesia shark 2

28. South Africa

South Africa

29. Mexico


30. Italy


31. Switzerland


32. India


33. Singapore


34. Guatemala


35. Costa Rica


36. Colombia


37. Slovenia


38. Belgium


39. Netherlands


40. Czech Republic


41. Oman

Oman- archway shadows

42. Kenya

Cheetah in Masai Mara

43. Jamaica

Jamaica crab legs

44. Latvia


45. Estonia


46. Finland

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 4.12.10 PM

47. Montenegro

Montenegro 2

48. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzagovina

49. Croatia


50. Serbia


51. Bulgaria


52. Turkey


53. Egypt


54. Namibia


55. Ireland

Ireland 251

56. Honduras

No Photos 🙁

57. Canada


58. Myanmar

Myanmar 5

59. Albania


60. Macedonia

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

Kosovo (Serbia)


14 Comments on “1 Photo from every country I’ve been to…

  1. OMG, that New Zealand photo is awesome. So is the Italy one. Costa Rica and Kenya are also awesome. Also the other ones.

    Sorry for the data loss. That has to be really rough. Have you confirmed your HDD is kaput? 🙁

    • Won’t really be able to confirm until I get it in to a pro, but based on all I’m reading…I did all the wrong things. Plugged it back in, smacked it on the side. All of that and quite possibly sealed its fate. But i’ve contacted a slew of recovery people to see if it’s hopeless or not.

      Glad you enjoyed those photos! The good news is that I’m 90% sure I backed up my photos on our back-up hard drive in the Spring. So that would mean 9 months worth of photos lost, not 4 years.

  2. I never comment, but I read your posts and Drew’s. I’m so sorry you may have lost your photos; I can’t even imagine — my heart hurts just thinking about it. I’m crossing my fingers that you find them backed up in Ohio. the photos you posted here are beautiful. =)

    • Thank you so much! Yes I’m almost positive that I did back them up in the Spring. the only reason I wouldn’t have is if the back-up hard drive ran out of space…which I remember it doing but I just can’t remember which files I decided not to back up as a result.

      It really does suck. I feel silly but it’s almost like a break up or a pet dying or something. That terrible feeling in your gut every time you think of it. First it was the horror of how expensive data recovery is, and then it was the horror that the damage might be too great for even an expensive solution. UGHH. But I’m slowly slowly slowly getting over it, and trying to practice letting go.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. So sorry about your lost photos! It is so devastating when it happens. I lost all the photos from my son’s 1st four years of life, so I know how it feels.

    I’m wondering why you’re not using cloud-based storage like icloud or onedrive. I’m not saying this because I’m chiding you for not using them. It’s just that I store my photos in those and I’m wondering if there is a downside for doing so.

    • Oh my- 🙁 So sorry you lost your son’s first 4 years’ of photos! 🙁
      I have looked very seriously into cloud storage multiple times and always come down to the problem that, because we are often in parts of the world with slow internet, it would take forever to upload anything. I have 4Terabytes of video and photo footage, which is just too much data to push through pretty much anything but Google Fiber. But, if I had just uploaded a little at a time from the very beginning, I’d at least have something. So in hindsight, I do wish I would have done that and I’m considering doing the “little bits at a time” approach with something like BackBlaze. The other problem is that I take so many photos that every two weeks or so, I have another 64 Gigs to figure out how to store.

      But like I said, I could have chipped away at it to at least have something on the cloud- and I wish I had from the beginning.

  4. And for the eBook edition, you can include guess-the-country game! Would be fun.

    Stunning photos!

  5. I’m so sorry this happened. Hope the backup is at home and the expensive data recovery works.
    I think that we blame the person who made the mistake when something like this happens, because we are so afraid it’s going to happen to us that we are desperate to find something that we would’ve done different to use as a talisman against the disaster hitting us. No one’s perfect or careful all the time. This totally sucks for you, and I’m really sorry. I can totally understand the analogy of breakup or lost pet. 🙁

  6. One thing I have started to do (after I lost a lot of photos because I was stupid and my older hard drive crashed) is not only do I back them up on an external, but I create an email account on Gmail, something like my name and whatever country it is I am in @gmail.com. Then I send photos to myself and have it stored on Gmail’s servers. While I still primarily rely on the external hard drive for backing up photos. The Gmail option makes me feel a little better that they are still out there for me to access. Just you know, don’t forget about the passwords or all the email addresses haha.

    • GENIUS! this is actually what I’ve started doing with the most valuable design files I have, since I am now out of hard drive space until our new one arrives.

  7. Wow! That is a lot of countries. What are some of your favorites? Is there a pattern to it?

    • My favorites tend to be places that feel very different from the world I grew up in, and places where nature plays a role. For instance Bali, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bosnia & Herzagovina, Ukraine, Austria, Slovenia, Kenya- those are all favorites. I tend to favor developing countries over developed countries- probably because it feels like more of an adventure to travel in the developing world, but there are some exceptions. Then, there are also favorite cities that don’t intersect with the favorite countries at all! For instance Budapest, Sydney, and Vienna are all favorites, and Vienna is the only one that happens to be in a country from my “favorite countries” list. 🙂 I guess the cities I love best are ones I can imagine living in, which is different from feeling like I’m having an adventure, if that makes sense. And for travel destinations, I want to feel like I’m having an adventure. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment! Sorry I got so long-winded there!

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